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Delta Electronics provides complete solutions for drive, motion and control type of industrial automation products. Apart from general Modus serial communication, we further offer advanced CANopen, DeviceNet, Ethernet, EtherNet/IP and PROFIBUS fieldbus solutions for complex and harsh industrial sites and demands for high speed as well as stable and highly cost-effective choices of applications.

Master/Slave Communication Module
For DVP-EH2-L, DVP-SX2 and DVP-SV series PLC only
Supports Modbus TCP protocol
Max. baudrate: 100M bps
Modbus TCP connections
Client: 32
Server: 16

Remote I/O Communication Module
A Modbus TCP slave
Connectable to 8 DVP-S series analog I/O modules
Connectable to 256 points of digital I/O modules
The RS-485 port is connectable to max. 32 Modbus slaves
The screen of TP05 series can display five lines text or message at the same time and the screen of TP08 series can display eight lines text or message at the same time. These two series not only have the features of light weight, cost-effective price, good flexibility in use Smart PLC if-then function.